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    About Us

Our History

Originally established in 2006 with a focus on defence UAV technology, we were one of the first Unmanned Operator Certificate Holders in Australia

ISO9001 Certified Quality Management Standards

Focused on high precision aerial surveying and inspection solutions

In 2018, we became Sci Aero Group, the result of SciAero and Altitude Imaging joining forces to meet industry demand, providing a range o aerial imaging, data capture and bespoke engineering solutions services across a broad range of industry sectors, including mining, oil and gas, agriculture, construction, media and government.

Our Mission

We strive to:


Produce advanced, versatile and high-quality Remotely Piloted Aircraft solutions that effectively overcome current limitations in real-world situations;
Conduct targeted research and development to continually enhance current products, as well as extend our Remotely Piloted Aircraft technology capability;
Maintain a competitive edge within the international Remotely Piloted Aircraft market through innovative business/technology partnerships, world-wide solution distribution and competitive pricing;
Offer a range of targeted training packages that provide seamless solution integration for our customers; and
Provide exceptional customer service and technical support.
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