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Introducing the Smartest Quadrotor in its Class


Performance-Optimised Smart batteries

The Pixhawk 2 Flight Controller

Self-Tightening Glass-Fortified Propellers

The Unprecedented 3DR Solo Onboard Computers

Brushless 3-Axis GoPro Gimbal (GoPro not Included)

Sporting a modular accessory bay, the 3DR Solo is the first future-proof drone; keep ahead of the curve by integrating new technologies into your existing Solo, without having to buy a new aircraft.


3DR Solo Products

The 3DR Solo Aerial Drone

This package includes a 3DR Solo Aircraft, a 3DR Smart Battery and a 3DR Solo remote RC control.

3DR Solo Aerial Drone

3DR 3 Axis Gimbal

3DR 3 Axis Gimbal

This gimbal allows a GoPro camera to be connected and interfaced with the 3DR Solo.



3DR Solo Accessories

3DR Smart Battery

Additional batteries are available for purchase.

3DR Smart Battery

3DR Backpack

3DR Backpack

This compact and rugged backpack is perfect for transporting the Solo and any additional 3DR accessories. FREE with any Solo + Gimbal purchase between Boxing Day and New Years!

3DR Solo Replacement Propellers

Set of 2 replacement propellers for the 3DR Solo.

3DR Solo Replacement Propellers


For purchasing and inquiries, please call +61 8 6231 0261.

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