Urban Mapping and Planning

The Lynx Farscight was flown to capture the town of Stumpertenrod in Germany as part of an urban mapping and planning exercise demonstrating the accuracy and efficiency of the aircraft. The entire town was captured in a single 1.5 hour flight covering an area of 175 ha (1.75km2) at a resolution of 1.93cm (GSD). A total of 3189 images were analysed to produce a high resolution 3D model of the town.

Industry leading flight time

Scientific Aerospace's Lynx Farscight covers more ground with industry leading flight time. The Lynx Farscight flies for up to three hours and is perfect for mapping large areas with high precision and resolution. The aircraft is simple to use, and its Kevlar construction is extremely durable.

Small takeoff and landing footprint

Lynx Farscight features a deep-stall landing; either manual or autonomous. It is intentionally stalled at a user selected location and lands almost vertically with the wing producing drag instead of lift. This slows down the descent similar to a parachute. The landing is steerable, and the process can even be aborted to resume flying as needed. This feature minimizes the area needed for landing offering greater flexibility for the aircraft to be used in more confined areas.

Survey grade drones

Our survey grade drones use Post Processed Kinematic (PPK) positioning technology to provide positional accuracy up to 1.5 times the horizontal and 2.0 times vertical ground sampling distance (GSD). Unlike Real Time Kinematic (RTK), PPK processes the positioning information after the flight, not during. Data is logged on the aircraft and combined with data from the base station after the flight. As a result, there is no risk of data loss due to radio link outages.

Post processing and geospatial analyses

At Scientific Aerospace we also have inhouse capabilities to undertake all post processing and geospatial analyses of your data. Capabilities include providing spatially explicit outputs such as orthosmosaics, point clouds, digital surface models, contour maps and 3D models. Data formats are tailored to be compatible with your software platforms. We also provide geospatial analyses including precise volumetric measurements and change detection.

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